Poetry Entry #8: I Despise You

This is a very, very old one. In retrospect, it seems modeled off a certain chick-flick, but I can’t recall if that was intentional.


I Despise You

I despise you when you’re lonely, when you make me want to hold you.
I despise you when the things you love are those that I love too.

I despise you when my heart takes a leap I can’t predict.
I despise you. I despise you! Your name makes me sick.

I despise you cause you’re taken and because I am ashamed.
I despise you cause I’m shaken and you are the soul to blame.

I despise you cause this anger is the strongest thing I feel
Before my heart hits those emotions that I’m duty-bound to seal.

I despise you when I’m tired, tired of this unending lie,
Wondering if I could forget you and if I even want to try.




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