Poetry Entry #11: Stranded


Metal creaking sighs.
The sea glides along the hull,
trying with futile, tired fingers
to reclaim the sand-secured ship.

The waves also try
to free my feet as they
hide, sinking deeper into mud,
my toes wriggling like worms.

The more the water grasps,
the more we are entombed.
I wait here. I search back in time
to a moment buried, to you.

Back to you.

The breeze swings by in greeting.
It rummages through my hair,
lifts it here and there, takes
these thoughts and tosses them to sea.

I watch as you fade,
riding on the wind, over waves,
flying faster and faster and faster
to where the sun drifts in its final dip.

I return to the land.
Seagulls call out as they circle the sky
and dry bits of sand stick to my feet.
I stretch in the salt air with ease.

And breath.




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