Poetry Entry #12: The Beast

I wrote this when I was going through a tough time in my life, so I feel like it has to do with that. Then again… I could’ve just been reading the Hobbit too much again.


The Beast

Across the sky, a silhouette,
Spread on the ground, a shadow;
With ease a dark beast curved and swung
Toward the town that lay below.

Its eyes: as shallow as a grave.
Its gaze: set, fixed, yet void.
Then, deep within its gut there came
A ghostly sound of those destroyed–

–that howl descended from the clouds,
It settled in the stone and earth,
It shuddered through the wise men’s bones
And sank the hearts around the hearth. . .

It left as swiftly as it came.
Back to their jobs the people swarmed.
Eyes darted to the cold, clear sky.
An anxious calm, a ceaseless storm.




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