Poetry Entry #13: Quixotic Musings

A mishmash of Castle in the Sky, The Tale of Icarus, and The Towel of Babel with some of my own thoughts and feelings thrown in too.


Quixotic Musings

Pipe dreams and daydreams…
I scan the swelling clouds
in the cool afternoon and
build my castle in the sky.
Orderly. Solid. Bright.
Cradled in the sun’s warmth:
a floating city, a floating tower,
my own Gate of God.

Like a moth,
my mind can’t escape
the lure to soar and reach it.
Icarus’ fate forecasted…
As a tiger moth I test my wings,
my bright passion tucked away–
shielded lest it be clipped.

Soon I’m pursued by Goliaths.
Congested storms oppose
and form a wall of frustration,
thwarting my flight.
At last breaking through like a beam
I behold my goal.
I see my castle lying in ruins…
daylight swiftly fading,
atrophy threading through
as a root slips through stone.

Babel. Babel. Back to my Cretan labyrinth.
Balse. Balse. Balse. Balse.
I tumble back from my daydreams,
Wings melted, arms glazed.




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